Service Dog Teams

Our Service Dog Teams  have all completed the required Transition Training and have successfully passed the Skills Test, demonstrating proficiency in three skills used most frequently by the team. Only teams who have successfully passed the Public Access Certification Test (PACT) are certified for public settings under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). To maintain certification for public access, teams must pass the PACT every other year.

Paws’itive Teams Service Dog Trainers meet monthly with their canine trainees in a variety of public settings to work on public manners and practicing skills under real-life distractions.

Last month we even took on Legoland, thanks to an anonymous donor who paid for our tickets. And we added to the challenge by scheduling it at the tail end of a busy holiday. Crazy? Probably, but it was a great experience and the trainers were proud of Barley, Jocy and Stark. Service Dog Irma served as our role model for the outing.


Training in Action